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TV Church S02E24 | “God Validated the Church”

Sermon – “God Validated the Church” from Travis Collins 🎤 Interview: Amy George 🏠 Location: Episcopal Church of the Nativity 🎵 Music: God Is Love – Micah Walley Softly & Tenderly – Dawn Price

TV Church S02E21 | “WELCOME HOME: A Father’s Story”

🎤 Interview: World renowned “Musicianary”, Rodrigo Rodriguez tells Judd Reasons about his opportunity to share God’s word with the people of Ukraine 🏠 Location: Old Town Historic District, Huntsville AL 🎵 Music: Amazing Grace | Rodrigo Rodriguez & Dawn Price Softly & Tenderly | Dawn Price ✅ Helpful links: Luke

TV Church: Cosmic Christ – Interview with Allison Dillon-Jauken

Lisa Ceci talks with Allison Dillon-Jauken, Executive Director of Arts Huntsville. They discuss the history and importance of the Cosmic Christ Mosaic, also known as Eggbeater Jesus. The mosaic has recently been renovated, and the original tiles are being used to create community art pieces, jewelry, and so much more.

TV Church S02E19 | “The Cosmic Christ”

The Cosmic Christ Mosaic at First Baptist Church Huntsville, known locally as Eggbeater Jesus, symbolizes the grandeur, majesty, and universal Lordship of Jesus. Learn more about this beloved Huntsville landmark and the Biblical truth behind the design on today’s episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins shares the

TV Church S02E18 | “A Psalm for the Vulnerable”

What truths should we remember when we are suffering mentally or emotionally? On this episode of TV Church, we’ll look at Psalm 71 to find out. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches on Psalm 71 and what we can learn from David’s heartfelt, unedited, courageous prayer. Understanding this passage helps us

TV Church S02E17 | “Let’s Talk About TV Church”

How did TV Church get its start? And why is church important in the first place? Find out on today’s episode! 💬 Message: The church is experiencing a significant change right now. Attendance is declining, and fewer Americans are even identifying themselves as Christian. While these changes in behavior and

TV Church S02E16 | “Almost Home, But Lost”

What is the Kingdom of God? And how do you get inside? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches on Mark 12:28-34. Jesus was approached by a teacher of the law, an impressive man, who wanted to know which commandment was the most

TV Church S02E15 | “Raising Kids in a New, Old World”

There has been a frightening rise in depression, anxiety, and self-harm among children and teenagers in the past few years. COVID and smartphones have accelerated the migration of young people to the internet, and much of what they’re finding there is not healthy. This week on TV Church, we’re talking

TV Church Encore | “The Neighborhood”

Who is my neighbor? And how should I treat people who are different from me? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church as we look at the legacy of Fred Rogers and Jesus’ parable of the good samaritan. 💬 Message: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” That was the

TV Church S02E15 | “Final Exam”

Have you ever taken a final exam that you just weren’t ready for? Join us on this episode of TV Church as we learn about Jesus’ test for his disciples from the book of Mark. 💬 Message: Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes we have to uncover the story

TV Church S02E14 | “Easter and Mary Magdalene”

Happy Easter! Join us for this episode of TV Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the redemption we can all find in Him. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches about Mary Magdalene and her role in the Easter story. She was a woman whose life had been completely

TV Church S02E13 | “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?”

Have you ever tried to avoid making a decision? You’re not alone. Learn the story behind the biggest decision ever made on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches about Pilate’s dilemma. Pontius Pilate represented Tiberius, the Emperor of Rome, and he was in Jerusalem for

TV Church S02E12 | “I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love”

What does God really want from us? We’ll look at Micah 6:6-8 to learn more on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches on Micah 6:6-8 and the question posed there… “What does the Lord require of you?” In the passage, there was a group of

TV Church S02E11 | “Should I Stay or Should I Go”

Are you facing a big decision? How do you know if that new job is right for you or if you should make the move you’ve been thinking about? On this episode of Tennessee Valley Church, we’ll be talking about how you can make big decisions and make them well.

TV Church S02E10 | “In the World, Not of It”

What does it mean for followers of Jesus to be in the world but not of it? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches on Jesus’s prayer for his followers that they would be in the world but not of the world. In

TV Church S02E09 | “Leaving a Legacy”

What will people remember about you when you’re gone? Learn more about leaving a legacy on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Allan Greer, Minister to Experienced Adults at First Baptist Church Huntsville, gives us 3 keys to leaving a godly legacy and how our actions today determine

TV Church S02E08 | “We’re Free and We Can Do Better”

Have you ever tried to hide something you’ve done that you knew was wrong? It’s important for us to acknowledge and turn from our sins, but God doesn’t expect us to wallow in our shame. Find out more on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches

TV Church S02E07 | “Sloth”

Today we’re discussing sloth, the final topic in our series on the 7 deadly sins. Why is sloth a problem, and how can we avoid it? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Sloth is more than just laziness. It also includes apathy and indifference. On

Meet the Hosts

Travis Collins

Senior Pastor

Travis has been Senior Pastor of FBC, Huntsville since the spring of 2016. He served as a missionary in Nigeria and Venezuela. He and his wife, Keri, have three children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Micah Walley

Minister of Contemporary Worship

Micah joined the staff at FBC in April 2022. He has been leading worship for the last 20 years, but outside of that is always tinkering around on an instrument or writing a song. When he’s not playing music he loves video games and anything outdoors. He’s been married to his wife Sarah (a trauma nurse) since 2013 and they have one daughter, Emma Claire.

Brian Temple

Media Director

Brian joined us after a nearly 30 year career in broadcasting. As a member of FBC for more than ten years, he’s has been involved in the audio/visual ministry almost since he walked in the door. Brian is the middle member of three generations of Temples at FBC – his daughter is Morgan, and his mother is Susan. He’s married to his very understanding wife Kara, where they share their home with Bamboo the Wonder Dog and several spoiled parrots.

Kristin Prasad

Minister to Kids and Families

Kristin joined our staff in January 2019 and brings years of experience and expertise to our Children’s Ministry. Kristin and her husband Raj came to us from Richmond, VA. They have three adult children.

John Lemons

Minister to Young Adults

John came to FBC in September of 2016 to serve as Minister to Young Adults. Prior to Huntsville, John lived and served in Chattanooga for 11 years and Birmingham for 4 years. He and his wife, Emily, have been married since 2002 and they are the proud parents of 2 wonderful daughters. See more from John at

David Ragsdale

Interim Minister of Worship

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