Season 2

TV Church S01E35 | “God is Generous”

God grants us so many wonderful gifts, from the taste of a red, ripe strawberry to the colors of the leaves in the fall. But do we ever feel resentful when God blesses people we think are undeserving? Find out more about God’s generosity on this episode of Tennessee Valley

TV Church S01E34 | “God Is Trustworthy”

God is trustworthy. That doesn’t resolve all the mysteries or answer all the questions, but it gives us enough to build our lives around. 💬 Message: Travis Collins teaches that God can be trusted. With so many dark clouds hanging over us⎯the pandemic, Afghanistan, floods, and that horrific September 11

TV Church S01E33 | “God Is Good”

God is good. Sometimes, it gets really hard to remember that. There are lots of questions, like why did the God in the Old Testament seem to be mad all the time? Maybe, we’re just not getting the whole picture here. Travis Collins shares “God is Good” on this morning’s

TV Church S01E32 | “Blessed Are Those Who Lose It All”

You have an awesome idea that would serve others and glorify God. But your efforts might totally flop. Is it better to try and fail or play it safe? Find out on this episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: John Lemons, Minister to Young Adults at FBC Huntsville, teaches on

TV Church S01E31 | “The Parent of a Prodigal”

The prodigal son had come home, but we’re left to wonder how the father felt while his son was off living such a regretful life. Did the father blame himself? Did he plead with God to save his son? Find out more on today’s episode of TV Church. 💬 Message:

TV Church S01E30 | “The Elder Brother”

This week on Tennessee Valley Church, we’ll look at the parable of the prodigal son from the perspective of the elder brother. How does it make you feel when someone else gets the recognition you think you deserve? 💬 Message: Meanwhile, the elder brother… This part of the story has

TV Church S01E29 | “The Prodigal Son”

Have you found yourself living a life you know isn’t good for you? Have you found yourself stuck in a life completely opposite from what you dreamed? Have your actions pulled you away from the ones you love? No matter where you find yourself, and no matter what you’ve done,

TV Church S01E28 | “The Children Who Could Not Be Satisfied”

The pandemic has caused many of us to examine our lives and make changes in an effort to be happier. But what really makes us content? Learn more about true contentment and how to find it on this episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: Travis Collins examines the life changes

TV Church S01E27 | “Specks & Planks”

Sometimes it’s easy to see what everyone else is doing wrong, but hard to notice our own secret sins. Learn what Jesus has to say about judgmentalism and how we should treat others on this episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: Learn how to examine your own heart and extend

TV Church S01E26 | “Life’s Not Fair”

Have you ever thought that life just isn’t fair? The truth is that for many of us, we have it much better than we deserve. Learn about fairness in the economy of God on this week’s episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: Kristin Prasad teaches on Jesus’ parable of the

TV Church | July 4th Special

Baseball. The Houston Astros. Shame. What do these things have in common? Find out on this episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: Shame doesn’t have to define you. Travis Collins teaches about the freedom we have in Jesus in this special 4th of July episode of TV Church. 🎤 Interview:

TV Church S01E24 | “Four Kinds of Dirt”

Planting seeds requires a great deal of faith and hope. The same is true when we plant a spiritual seed. As followers of Jesus, we sow spiritual seeds by living lives that reflect the life and teachings of Jesus…lives of integrity and compassion. We also put our faith into action

TV Church: Cynthia Shea Hart

🎤 Interview: After a successful career in the restaurant and catering industry, Cynthia Shea was looking to retire. However, God had other plans. She is now the Executive Director at Serving Hope, where they feed over 3,400 children daily across North Alabama. Contact Cynthia about donating or volunteering by calling

TV Church S01E23 | “The Banquet”

God’s having a party! Who do you think is invited? And why do Christians sometimes act more like bouncers than ushers? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church. 💬 Message: Church at its best isn’t an exclusive club. Instead, it’s a place where everyone knows they’re welcome. Travis

TV Church S01E22 | “A Fool and His Barns”

Jogging, bran muffins, wrinkle cream, and hair dye. We go to great lengths to preserve our health and youthful looks. But the reality is that sooner or later, you and I will be gone from this earth. How do we prepare for life after death? Find out on this episode

TV Church: Dr Mindy Hyatt

🎤 Interview: Dr. Mindy Hyatt, a local physical therapist, discusses how the body works together. She also tells how she has been able to share the love of Jesus with her patients. From the full episode Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes: 👍 Find us on social media:

TV Church S01E21 | “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes”

Just as a body has many different parts, the church is made up of many different people. We all have unique gifts and talents we can use to accomplish God’s mission in the world. Learn more on this week’s episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: John Holloway, FBC’s Interim Minister

TV Church: Huntsville Fire & Rescue

🎤 Interview: Cory Green, Head Recruiter for Huntsville Fire and Rescue discusses what it takes to become a firefighter and the importance of teamwork on the job. If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter, check out the links below to connect with Huntsville Fire and Rescue. ✅ Helpful links: Huntsville

TV Church S01E20 | “Courage in the Desert”

Courage is a common denominator in the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Sometimes it’s seen by many, and sometimes it’s a private struggle. You can find the courage you need to face any hard time because the Creator of the universe sees you and has His hand on your shoulder.

TV Church: Memorial Day Teaser

“Courage in the Desert” message by Travis Collins Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial Sunday May 30th #onlinechurch 👍 Find us on social media: ✨ Check out our website for upcoming events and information! 🔔 Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for the latest videos!

TV Church S01E19 | “The Neighborhood”

Who is my neighbor? And how should I treat people who are different from me? Find out on this episode of Tennessee Valley Church as we look at the legacy of Fred Rogers and Jesus’ parable of the good samaritan. 💬 Message: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” That was the

TV Church: Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy

Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy exists to bring the magic of theater and arts education to the families of our region. Discover more on this week’s episode of TV Church. 🎤 Interview: Kristin Prasad interviews Karen Mockensturm, Executive Director of Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy. They discuss the

TV Church S01E18 | “Iconic Faith”

When you were growing up, was there someone you looked up to and tried to imitate? God made all people in His own image, but we’ve fallen short of who He intended us to be. Find out how we can become the people we were meant to be in this

TV Church: HATCH Training Program

🎤 Interview: Lisa Ceci interviews Beth Boyer and Garrett Coyne, co-founders of the HATCH Training Program. HATCH is an 8-week job training program that combines life skills workshops and industry-standard culinary and hospitality training to empower youth to lead self-sufficient lives. ✅ Helpful links: Hatch Workforce Training: 👍 Find

TV Church S01E17 | “Looking For Jesus”

As we settle into a new normal after the isolation of the pandemic, we have the opportunity to reorder our priorities. After a season of darkness, will we still go out looking for Jesus? He’s waiting to be found. Learn more on this week’s episode of TV Church. 💬 Message:

TV Church: Merrimack Hall Performing Arts | Debra Jenkins

Merrimack’s mission is to provide visual and performing arts education and cultural activities to children and adults with special needs. Artists from across the Tennessee Valley learn and perform here. 🎤 Interview: Lisa Ceci talks with Debra Jenkins, the Founder of Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center. Since its beginning in

TV Church S01E16 | “Death by Jealousy”

“Everybody liked me, and I liked myself… until that person came along.” Jealousy can consume us and rob us of joy. On this episode on TV Church, learn what jealousy really is and how to overcome it. 💬 Message: Salieri and Motzart. Saul and David. Haman and Mordecai. Travis Collins,

TV Church S01E15 | “Shame on You?”

Baseball. The Houston Astros. Shame. What do these things have in common? Find out on this episode of TV Church. 💬 Message: Shame says you’re ugly and dirty, a nobody who can’t become somebody. Shame is a dark cloud that hangs over so many of us. On this episode of

TV Church: Toyota Field | Josh Caray

🎤 Interview: Lisa Ceci talks with Josh Caray, Radio Voice of the Rocket City Trash Pandas. They discuss the disappointment of missing the 2020 baseball season, how they were able to generate revenue during the pandemic, Josh’s family lineage of successful sports announcers, and more. 🏠 Location: Toyota Field, Home

Meet the Hosts

Travis Collins

Senior Pastor

Travis has been Senior Pastor of FBC, Huntsville since the spring of 2016. He served as a missionary in Nigeria and Venezuela. He and his wife, Keri, have three children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Micah Walley

Minister of Contemporary Worship

Micah joined the staff at FBC in April 2022. He has been leading worship for the last 20 years, but outside of that is always tinkering around on an instrument or writing a song. When he’s not playing music he loves video games and anything outdoors. He’s been married to his wife Sarah (a trauma nurse) since 2013 and they have one daughter, Emma Claire.

Lisa Greer

TV Church Producer

Lisa has been an FBC member for 25 years. She moved from the Shoals to Huntsville to work as a producer, reporter, and anchor at WAAY TV. She’s married to Bill and has triplet sons, Jonathan, Daniel, and Nick.

Kristin Prasad

Minister to Kids and Families

Kristin joined our staff in January 2019 and brings years of experience and expertise to our Children’s Ministry. Kristin and her husband Raj came to us from Richmond, VA. They have three adult children.

John Lemons

Minister to Young Adults

John came to FBC in September of 2016 to serve as Minister to Young Adults. Prior to Huntsville, John lived and served in Chattanooga for 11 years and Birmingham for 4 years. He and his wife, Emily, have been married since 2002 and they are the proud parents of 2 wonderful daughters. See more from John at

Aaron Jackson

Minister of Music and Worship

Aaron joined the staff in January of 2023.  He is a North Carolina native and served churches and universities in the Raleigh-Dur

Aaron joined the staff in January of 2023.  He is a North Carolina native and served churches and universities in the Raleigh-Durham region for 16 years before moving to Huntsville.  He holds degrees from Campbell University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the D.M.A. degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  

He and his wife Laura were married in 2010 and have two children, Julia and Barnabas.

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